How Alert Works

With the touch of a button on the Alert device the following information is sent to all linked mobile devices.

Name of Individual

The name of the individual to whom the device is registered to.

Battery level

The battery level of the individuals mobile in percentages as well as whether it is charging or discharging.


Speed at which the individual is moving to help determine if the person is in a vehicle or at rest.

Date and Time

The date and time of when the alert device was pressed. This is updated each time the device sends a notification.

Smart-View Alert Benefits

Smart-View Alert provides numerous benefits such as

Instantaneous Alert SMS

Alert approximate GPS location

Real-time Information

Instant Push Notification

Google maps navigation to location

Effortless Monitoring

Smart-View Tamper

Smart-View tamper is a solution that is accessible through a web that is integrated with a Sigfox IOT device. These devices can be placed on your front door, back door, garage door, sliding doors etc. As soon as any movement (door opening) is detected, an email will be sent to all registered users. Access to the application allows for the view of all devices which will display its ID and battery life.

Monitor Your Property

Instant Notification of Tampering

Safety Measures Under Your Control

Smart-View Overview

Effortless control over your safety and security on your mobile device