How It works

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Location Report

With the use of Google maps, detailed reporting on drivers routes can be easily reported.

Driver behaviour Report

Driver behaviour reports provides accurate information of brakes, speed violations and total distance travelled to name a few.

Fleet Management Report

Have concise data reporting on auto devices installed, active fleet diagnostics of how many devices are communicating and actually sending and recording data.

Auto Benefits

Smart-view Auto provides full turnkey solutions

Total Harsh Brakes

These are accumulated harsh brakes recorded on the Smart-View Auto devices for the last 7 days.

Total Harsh Acceleration

These are accumulated harsh accelerations recorded on the Smart-View Auto devices for the last 7 days.

Total Speed Violations

Based on the threshold set on the devices, the Smart-View Auto will detect the speed and record it, should the driver’s speed exceed the set limit, this will be recorded as speed violation.

Total Max Pedal Position

As the driver moves throughout their trips their pedal position will be recorded in the specific intervals. Then total will then be recorded.

Total High RPM

The Harsh RPM are recorded to mitigate the undesirable driving behaviour of the driver and this can be used for driver management purpose.

Smart-View Auto Dashboards

Visualization your Auto device data on a single web based IOT portal