How It Works

Smart-View FDM optimizes the delivery of installation of any product by using mobile and web technology by the personnel, all while keeping management informed on the project’s progress.

Project Tracking

Utilize basic reporting dashboard and completion report service

System Management

Set up user roles/permissions within your business unit

Support Installation

Maintenance custom workflows build on top of google forms


Smart-View FDM automates the following tasks

Endpoint Installation

Endpoint Installation, electronically captures and validates installation data, capture images and GPS coordinates.

Endpoint Routing

Endpoint Routing using google maps easily navigate the shortest route to collection or service address.

Job Card Creation

Job Card Creation easily generate a job card once installation or service is complete.

Smart-View FDM Dashboard

Field Deployment Manager was created for any trade of business to use. This is achieved through the versatility of information that is captured when doing a job in the field. Smart-View FDM allows you as an administrator to make use of Google Forms that give you the freedom to create fields for information that you want as part of a work-order.