How It Works

Smart-View is a web-based platform for managing your utilities (water & electricity) it supports both smart & non-smart meters. Non-smart metering devices allow users to manually capture their readings daily. Smart metering devices integrate with IOT networks to provide automatic daily & hourly readings.

Real time readings that allows for instantaneous and most accurate information.

Monitor usage daily to help identify days and activities consuming more water or electricity.

Have peace of mind with estimated month end usage.

Leak notifications that instantly notifies you of any leak detections via email.

Consumption control allows you to set limits on your consumption and be notified when reaching those limits.

Hourly Reading Consumption Patterns allows for the study and to change your consumption in your favour to more favourable times such as off-peak hour

Smart-View Utilities Benefits

Smart-View Utilities automates the following tasks for both water and electricity.

Hourly Readings

Average Daily Usage

Daily Usage

Estimated Month-end Usage

Leak Detections


Smart-View Utilities Dashboard

Visualization your device data