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Transform Your Utility Management, Saving You Time and Money!
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Gain actionable insights and early abnormality detection to optimize utility management with advanced AI and machine learning analytics.

Smart-View Technology Analytics & Mobile
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Transform Your Utility Management, Saving You Time and Money!
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Gain actionable insights and early abnormality detection to optimize utility management with advanced AI and machine learning analytics.

Smart-View Technology Mobile App & Dashboard
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Transform Your Utility Management, Saving You Time and Money!
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Gain actionable insights and early abnormality detection to optimize utility management with advanced AI and machine learning analytics.

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Digitized Utility Management.
Data Driven Decisions.
Actionable Insigts.

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Smart-View Technology is committed to leveraging IoT sensor data to develop innovative solutions that promote digital transformation and enhance day-to-day efficiency, ultimately driving sustainability through effective utility management.

Smart-View Technology About

Easy To Use Utility Management Solution

Utility Consumption Auditing

By conducting a utility consumption audit, you can identify ways to save on utilities, cut costs, enhance safety, reduce reliance on foreign energy, and minimize environmental impact.

KPI analysis and benchmarking

Effortlessly monitor KPIs across various sites, and compare similar buildings or facilities to identify areas of waste, allowing for steps to be taken to reduce energy usage and lower costs

Realtime Alerts & Anomaly Detection

Thanks to its Smart-View Machine Learning technology and advanced customer notification system, our platform keeps you informed of any unusual consumption trends or events, empowering you to take proactive measures

Custom Reporting

Our custom reporting allows for a tailored analysis of data, enabling informed decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Automatic Utility Bill Creation & Verification

Automated utility bill creation and verification can boost customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and serve as proof of residence for identity verification

Mobile Application

Manage your utilities with ease using our mobile app, featuring highly personalized tools. We'll send you push notifications if we detect any unusual consumption trends or events.

Explore the user-friendly and intuitive features that we offer.

Our enterprise-grade utilities management solutions allows for real-time monitoring and management of key performance indicators, making it easier for businesses to control costs and improve efficiency. Our easy to use utility management solution provides a wide range of innovative features needed to enchance Utility Speciliast, Facility Managers, Metering Companies and Sustainibility Professionals.

Who is Smart-View

SmartView Technology is strongly committed to driving innovation, maximizing efficiency, and promoting sustainability by offering a simplified water, energy, and gas management platform through our powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Utilities Management Solution.

Our analytics tools can help customers discover opportunities for cost savings and performance improvement by identifying areas where they can optimize their energy, water, and gas consumption and reduce waste. Leveraging these capabilities, customers can enhance their sustainability efforts while also improving their operational efficiency and bottom line. Analytics plays an important role, and leveraging it can help businesses increase productivity, profitability, and better understand and meet customer demands.

Smart-View Utility Management Machine-Learning & Analytics

Analytics, Machine Learning & Reporting

Smart-View Technology offers advanced analytics and machine learning tools for predictive maintenance that can lead to cost savings in maintenance operating and capital expenditures. Customers can monitor water, energy, and gas consumption and costs in detail with our reporting system, enabling easy comparison of consumption usage over time and identification of areas for saving efforts. The reporting system also provides insight into appliance and system efficiency, highlighting areas for improvement and encouraging sustainable behaviors while assisting customers in making informed data-driven decisions.

Utility Management Software For Commercial Builings

Smart-View Utilities management software provides numerous benefits to commercial and industrial facilities. It allows these facilities to manage, monitor, and analyze their utility consumption, and automate sustainability reporting to identify the amount of water, electricity, and gas required to produce a certain product. Real-time data can be used to better budget, forecast, and optimize utility spend. Smart-View's utility management software also helps organizations automate utility bill validation and sub-metering metering, leading to improved internal cost allocation. Moreover, by digitizing workflows and procedures, Smart-View's utility management software can optimize processes, increase technician and engineer autonomy, and enhance customer satisfaction. Overall, using Smart-View's utility management software can reduce utility costs, improve efficiency, and provide better customer service to commercial and industrial facilities.

Utility Management Software for Utility Managers

By utilizing the platform offered by Smart-View Technology, utility managers can make use of features like automated billing reporting, leak detection, and mobile application-based consumption monitoring for tenants, which in turn help them streamline operations and reduce customer costs. Additionally, Smart View allows utility managers to manage multiple buildings from a single interface, and the multi-tenant feature provides managing agents and body corporates with access to a white-labeled interface, creating a transparent end-to-end solution. Moreover, with the aid of BI reporting, day-to-day activities, such as continuous consumption alerts and high consumption threshold reporting, are automated. This allows utility managers to use the data to generate additional income and make data-driven decisions. Automating day-to-day activities also allows utility managers to concentrate on delivering the most customer-centric offer to their clients.

Smart Water Metering

Smart water metering is an advanced technology that has transformed the way water consumption is monitored and managed. With smart metering, businesses can benefit from real-time data and insights. This can help them optimize their water usage, reduce costs, and improve their overall operations. In this article, we will explore the data usage advantages of smart water metering.

Smart Water Metering
Water Sustainability

Water Sustainability

Water sustainability is the key to securing our future. It encompasses achieving self-sufficiency in water supply for agriculture, municipalities, and industries, while adapting to climate change impacts. Efficient management, economic viability, and renewable energy integration are essential for ensuring a consistent and sustainable water source. Let's safeguard our most vital resource for generations to come.


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  • Maximize your Utility Management efforts with our ultimate plan! Get unbeatable value with everything in our Professional package plus top-notch billing and management services.

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